Monday, 20 June 2011

欢乐芭蕾女孩布盒(Joyful ballet girl cartonnage)V11

Hooray! 终于把棉麻的布料用在布盒上了.
Hooray,! Finally apply cotton linen on the cartonnage

I like this pattern, feel that this group ballet dancer are dingcing with a crisp rhythm ballet.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

秋秋布盒(Qiuqiu cartonnage)V10

Before,some people was suggested add buckle on cartonnage, so this is a cartonnage with buckle.

This box is very autumn feelcalled it Qiuqiu cartonnage.

May be the first to do with buckle cartonnage,lace is crooked stick.
It seems I need time to study.

Add this fabric lable, means it is handmade.

when I open the cartonnage, it seem like  fallen petals on ground~

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

浪漫粉红玫瑰花布盒(Romantic pink roses fabric cartonnage)

This is the second customade cartonnage. The girl like pink and purple. I guess she should be like a romantic person.
So I have a idea which is deco with the lace at outside of the box.Although the fabric have a pseudo-lace.

Romantic pink roses fabric cartonnage

Add some lace pieces behind the gem

盒内竟带有可爱的pokka dot..
Inside with a lovely pokka dot ..

This cartonnage gather low-key + gorgeous + romantic

Thursday, 2 June 2011

卡卡成立一周年了!(1st anniversary for Kaka)

卡卡成立一周年了!6月5号,kaka卡卡将会在shaw parade有个小趴地来庆祝这个小baby生日,记得来玩哦!

This month is the 1st anniversary for Kaka. 5th of June, Kaka will held a small party at shaw parade, to celebrate birthday for this little baby.
Let's come and have fun at here!